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New Soft Start Products for sale. Active Controls, LLC

Active Controls, LLC, a leading design and assembly company specializing in soft starters, is proud to announce that it is expanding its product offerings to include new plug-and-play models with innovative features. These new products are a culmination of Active Control's extensive research and engineering and highlight their commitment to meeting evolving client needs and delivering practical and effective solutions to access power.

ActiveStart 50 AMP Soft Starter

The first in its newest offerings is the ActiveStart 50 AMP soft starter, an industry-first innovation designed for all sizes and types of generators. This plug-and-play model can be easily configured to meet different needs and includes built-in surge protection of 5200 joules. The product is compact, Bluetooth-ready, and comes with a powerful app, available for both Android and iOS, that allows users to monitor performance and identify faults.

ActiveStart Marine 50 AMP Introduction

Active Controls has also launched another 50-Amp model, the ActiveStart Marine 50 AMP. It is a plug-in solution ideal for running marine chiller/air conditioners with other appliances. Like the ActiveStart 50 AMP, it offers 5200-joule surge protection and an intuitive monitoring and fault reporting application. It aims to minimize wear during start-up and shut-down operations.

ActiveStart Wired 16 Amp and 40 Amp SoftStarter

The final product in the line-up is the ActiveStart Wired 16 Amp and 40 Amp SoftStarter. It is wired directly to an air conditioning compressor, boasting an incredible in-rush current reduction rate of up to 80%. ActiveStart Wired 16 and 40 Amp offer high efficiency and reliability in a compact build, ideal for RV and marine air conditioners. This soft starter is also Bluetooth-ready with app monitoring features.

Broad Applications and Features of the New Offerings

These new offerings are all easy to install and intended to work for both commercial and residential applications – from RV air conditioning to off-grid power supply. They are engineered to provide OEMs and machine builders with a greater level of customization and functionality to ensure they meet the needs of their diverse customer base. The soft starters are made to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and increase equipment uptime.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Since its inception, Active Controls has remained committed to product excellence and innovation. As it continues to expand its portfolio, the company aims to leverage new technologies that allow for improved performances, features, and compatibilities.

Technical Support, Warranty, and Additional Offerings

All Active Controls soft start products come with comprehensive technical support to help clients maximize their investment. A warranty is included, in addition to a product satisfaction guarantee. Aside from soft starters, the company offers VFDs, Carel Products, Bluetti Solar products, and Altitude Watermakers.
More Information and Product Videos

Find more information here: http://active-controlsllc.com as well as product videos at https://www.youtube.com/@activecontrolsllc.

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