Soft start technology device for Home AC & RV

Soft Starter for Home AC: Full Overview

Soft Start technology for  Home AC

"Active Start"  is a game-changer for managing electrical power in coaches. It's a user-friendly plug-in unit that offers soft start capabilities to all induction loads, including air conditioners and residential refrigerators. This technology is especially useful when operating under less than 30 amps of power, simplifying the connection between any power outlet and your coach's shore power cord.

Benefits of AC Soft Starters in RVs

"Active Start" specifically targets the initial amps of appliances, not their running amps. This feature is crucial for induction loads while not affecting resistive loads like heaters and non-motorized appliances. The device smoothly ramps up amperage, reducing the likelihood of tripping breakers, making it ideal for running multiple air conditioners even on a 30 amp breaker.

Advanced Technology in Active Start

This product is more than just a capacitor. It detects amperage spikes, clamps the voltage, and gradually increases amperage. This approach is beneficial for running air conditioners on smaller generators and mitigates issues like high startup amps in inverter microwaves, common in the GMC community.

Daily Living Advantages with Soft Start AC for Generators

"Active Start" significantly reduces startup current spikes from various appliances. This reduction means fewer trips of breakers and prolongs the life of electric motors in your coach by preventing overheating and extending their lifespan.

Surge Protection and Safety Features

The 30 amp version of "Active Start" offers up to 2100 Joules of surge protection, with the 50 amp version providing even more. It also safeguards against improper wiring and fluctuating shore power receptacle voltage and frequency, enhancing overall electrical safety.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Monitoring App

The unit includes Bluetooth connectivity, and the company offers a free app for both iPhone and Android. This app displays real-time status, voltage, amps, watts, and frequency, adding a layer of convenience and control for users.

Personal Experience with Soft Start

After testing both the 30 amp and 50 amp versions, the benefits are clear. These units are particularly useful in situations with limited power availability. They are versatile, accommodating different power needs and outlet types, making them a valuable addition to any RV setup.

Pricing and Availability

"Active Start" is priced at $465 for the 30 amp version and $750 for the 50 amp version with surge protection. These prices reflect the advanced features and benefits that these soft start units provide for RV owners and home AC systems.

Expanded Product Portfolio of Custom Soft Start Devices

The company has broadened its range of products by introducing custom softstarters tailored for specific applications. This includes the Plug and Play Pumpstarter, designed specifically for well pumps, the 'Power Tools Model' which is ideal for high amperage tools, and the Inverter Model suitable for RV AC applications, enabling operation on solar generators or power stations.

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