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We provide precision-engineered solutions tailored for both residential and commercial needs.

One of our primary offerings is our 'soft start' technology. Unlike traditional systems that might cause undue strain on equipment during start-up, soft start technology ensures a gradual and controlled increase in power, effectively reducing wear and tear on machines and prolonging their operational cycle.

Moreover, the modern world presents various power anomalies, one of the most common being power surges. These sudden and unexpected spikes in electrical voltage can cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronics and equipment. To avoid these risks, Active Controls has developed state-of-the-art surge protection systems. By continuously monitoring the power flow, our surge protectors act as the frontline defense against these voltage spikes

On the flip side, undervoltage or brownouts can be equally detrimental. A sudden drop in the power supply, even if momentary, can lead to system malfunctions, data loss, and equipment damage. Recognizing this challenge, our undervoltage protection solutions are designed to detect and protect sensitive electronics by turning off power. Power is restored once it is within specification ensuring a consistent power supply to all your critical systems.

But what about scenarios where the main power source fails? Active Controls offers a range of premium home emergency generators. These generators act as an essential backup, providing uninterrupted power to ensure that both homes and businesses remain operational during outages.

Our team is always ready to provide insights, recommend solutions, and answer any queries you may have.

We offer:

  1. Soft Start Technology: Precision-controlled power initiation for machinery ( Soft Starter devices).
  2. Surge Protection: Advanced solutions to shield equipment from voltage spikes.
  3. Undervoltage Protection: All products are designed to turn off in the cases involving low voltage to protect motors from getting damaged.
  4. Emergency Generators: Premium backup solutions for uninterrupted power during outages.

Contact us with your power needs, and experience the difference that expertise, innovation, and commitment can make.