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ActiveStart SoftStart 20amp Power Tools Model - ACS20PT

ActiveStart SoftStart 20amp Power Tools Model - ACS20PT

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The ACS20PT and ACS20PT-S (20 amps) is intended for starting a single high load such as a large table saw or large vacuum cleaner. This will allow other minor loads to run on the unit but only 1 large motor will be started until unit resets for next load. You can use it to run multiple power tools but only use one tool at a time for in rush current reduction. These devices will monitor system health including current, voltage, frequency, with programmable startup power.

  • Starting current reduction and programable startup power.
  • Mobile app is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Built in Surge protection.
  • Waterproof, UV-proof module resists weather extremes..
  • Diagnostic LED indicators inside of box for technicians.
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