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ActiveStart SoftStart 30 AMP - ACS30P

ActiveStart SoftStart 30 AMP - ACS30P

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This product works out of the box for power pedestal and any sized generator. Plug it in and Go! For other applications use our provided app to select other configurations for optimal performance. Its 115 VAC and 30 amp rating allows for your AC to run along with other appliances.

Please understand that our unit will only start your AC if a minimum amount of power is available from the generator and we have learned not all generators are equal in performance! Here is some guidelines: A 13.5 K AC needs min 2300 Watts and 15K AC needs min 2500 watts to start with our plug and play products.

A more intelligent app with more information for our tech savvy users! Whether you are professional RV'er or a Glamper, Living in the Leisure Van, Extreme Tailgater enjoying the game. Why not take that portable AC with you and be comfortable in front of that big screen TV.

**Come with a 15-30 amp dogbone and a bonding plug**

This product will work on solar generators depending on the size of the load, but we have a product coming out soon strictly for solar generators/inverters

These products are for you!

Disclaimer: You could receive either of the enclosures in the picture due to what we have in stock due to materials. Both perform the same and have the same software, there is no difference between the 2 units besides the enclosure color. 

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