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ActiveStart Wired 16 AMP - ACS4W16

ActiveStart Wired 16 AMP - ACS4W16

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The ActiveStart Softstart product gets wired directly to the compressor of an air conditioning system. It is dual voltage rated working with either 115 Vac or 230 Vac  systems  and comes with 4 wires  so making the connections are very easy with this unit. The 16 amp version is ideal for Residential Small Home systems,  Marine air Conditioners or Commercial units drawing less than 16 amps  this is typically 3 tons or less. It has Bluetooth available with a user app to monitor the operation of the unit with fault alarms which means you do not have to climb up or down to check the faults.

This softstarter product leads and blows the competition away with an astounding current reduction of 80% and more measured! Customer feedback of the product has been the compressor start is so quiet you didn't even know it started! Wow!

Checkout our YouTube videos of this unit in operation! Have your house ready for power outages as this unit will make your air conditioner start easily on a generator during emergencies. This softstarter is ideal for making sure you can start with limited power!

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